Friday, 18 April 2014

IPL Merchandise - Just Got Personalized !

As IPL  has turned out to be one of the most watched and sought after sporting events in India, Printvenue too spruced up for this big event and has launched for all the  ardent  cricket fans a chance to own exquisite merchandise of their favorite Indian Premier League Team like Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers etc and the respective team members.
This would be a fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic cricket buffs to choose from a wide range of merchandise which includes – Tee-shirts, mugs , key chains, mobile skins and much more .
You can also customize our merchandise to suit your own tastes and preferences.
So, now support your favorite cricket heroes off the pitch with personalized tee shirts with IPL themes and templates. Similarly you can also sip on your coffee/beer while ogling at your favorite cricketers.

Have a look :
                                                         Personalized tee shirts :

Personalized coffee mugs :

Personalized beer mugs :

Personalized sippers :

Personalized key chains :

Personalized posters: 

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Monday, 31 March 2014

Brands, too , can be personalized !

When it comes to your style quotient, brands play an important role. Considering the same notion, we have come up with something that would surely delight all our customers. So there you go, we have recently launched HIDESIGN and KARA Men’s wallets which can be personalized with your name. These elegant wallets would allow you to grasp all the cards and cash that you require for every day. So you can now replace your thick aging wallets with our thin and sleek leather ones which would fit perfectly .With Hidesign and Kara wallets  ,embossed with your name , you are surely going to make a powerful style statement .So go on and grab these amazing accessories. 

So wait no more and make a personalized wardrobe of your accessories !
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Friday, 7 March 2014

Celebrating Womanhood !

From being incarcerated into their four walls, suffering from patriarchal bondages and facing occupational segregation, women, and now have dared to stray away from the conventional roles and step into the whole new scenario. Research shows that women have been enthusiastically taking control of their destinies and have excelled in every aspect of their lives .They have dared to squash all their fears flat and have taken a step forward towards success and overall growth.

The roles that were assigned to men and women were determined socially and hence gender inequality was at peak in the past. Today, when you talk about the contemporary women, they have managed to excel politically ,socially  and also financially .Women have touched incredible heights and are continuously striving to do better in their lives. They have realized their enormous potential and have made sure to utilize every opportunity that comes their way.

We, at Printvenue have taken an initiative to honor today’s women and celebrate their benign presence amongst us. We honor their perseverance, the urge to rise, fail and then rise again, we honor their courage for striving for egalitarianism, we respect their self-sufficiency and independence, we salute them for toppling all dominating stereotypes and last but not the least finding their own free sky. 

So let’s get together and do our bit to celebrate all the women in our lives and for this you can try our exclusive range of customized gifts .Our collection includes various products for women ranging from personalized greeting cards, photo frames, photo mugs, tee shirts , wallets ,cushions and much more .You can give a special touch to our products by adding your messages/text or you can also upload your favorite photographs and we shall get them printed for you.   

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spruce up your surroundings with custom cushions & pillows !

Although the proliferation of choices may seem extreme, Printvenue has managed to respond to the demands of the millennial generation. Our team has been constantly working to introduce products so as to match our customer’s ideas and bring them to life. Here’s what Printvenue has come up with to delight its customers- Customizable Cushions & Pillows. Cushions, a very ancient article of furniture has found a lot of other uses in the contemporary times. It not only serves for a soft comfort but also work wonders when used to accentuate your home décor or may be an interesting idea to gift your friends or families.

Cushions with bright hues can be easily incorporated to enliven your décor .You can customize these cushions by either choosing from our existing templates or add any design of your choice that best amalgamates with your décor. These cushions will add a touch of vividness to your space and hence enhance its aura. So, to make your surroundings look more appealing, complement it with bright colored cushions and redecorate it all together.

Floral designs have always been favorite with most of the people and it gives a simple yet very fresh look to your space. Just bring in some floral indoors and mesmerize everybody who steps in your house.

Not only for decorative purposes that you can use these cushions but also make them into exciting gifts .You can simply upload photographs and have them printed on cushions. Our best selling in this category is a real darling – heart shaped cushion which is made of high quality fur that makes it snuggle soft.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Exciting Customized Gifts for Him & Her This Valentine's Day!

It's not all business on can love let us be unaffected? 

For your lady love and your special guy we bring to you a range of products that you can customize for celebrating Valentine's Day. Love is meant to be expressed in special ways. Earlier, hand made cards and customized products that lovers, would spend time and effort over, were appreciated. Girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives would spend months pouring out their special feelings specially written down by them.
Greeting Cards

It's amazing what time has done- now they need not spend months customizing- what is required are your special photos and your words to customize greeting cards, photo mugs, engraved photo frames, collages and more!Don't want to go lovey dovey on your valentine? Not to worry! Customized Valentine's Day Desk Calendars, Pendrives, luxury Cross, Sheaffer, Faber Castell pens are available. Order now for a timely delivery!

Desk Calendars

Celebrate Valentine's Day with specially customized gifts for your loved ones!

Monday, 25 November 2013 zooming ahead with Rocket Internet!

When Rocket Internet’s online printing solution website turned into a success in Brazil, it garnered worldwide attention. One of the keen observers of this success story was Saurabh Kochchar – an IIM(C) product, and one of the finest young brains at McKinsey.  Saurabh had been toying with the idea of turning entrepreneur for some time, and this seemed to be something he could replicate successfully in India, with a bit of tweaking.  Ofcourse, the Samwer brothers - better known as the founders of Rocket Internet, the online business incubator giant - were more than keen on partnering with Saurabh Kochchar. After all, India is the ‘big daddy’ of developing economies!...And thus was launched, what turned out to be the game changer in the corporate printing business –

The job for both Rocket Internet and Saurabh Kochhar was cut out. In a dynamic, mutually complementing relationship, Rocket Internet didn’t just plough in the finances, but supported the venture in establishing metrics and blueprint for the startup. Quickly grasping the nuances of the business, Saurabh jumped into the task of building a core team, setting up the entire infrastructure for the operations; all the while, customizing the online business printing solutions to the Indian way of business.

“What flies in Brazil, does not necessarily rock in India,” says Saurabh Kochhar, MD, “And what’s not so hot in Germany, might actually be a hit in India. Blindly cloning a successful model might not always be the best way forward; certainly not in India. You’ve got to look for the principles that you can carry across from one economy to another. You’ve got to study earlier successes as well as challenges. This choice-making is the most important skill because a business like Printvenue.comrequires you to re-learn and identify things that are peculiar to that economy.”

To its credit, the Rocket Internet team was proactive in sharing inputs about its previous experiences, guidance, and support. Finally, in June 2012, Printvenue.comwas up and about, zooming from 0 to 300,000 customers in just over an year!

“The challenge has been to adjust and function within the unique Indian complexities,” elaborates Saurabh Kochhar.“So far so good. What we’ve achieved in India is with an Internet penetration of just about 10%. What drives, is the vision of where we’ll be 5 years down the line, with the projected Internet penetration of 40%! These are exciting times, and in our one-year experience, we now know that we are in a very, very exciting business!”

What’s good for business is that Printvenue.comand Rocket Internet share a strong bond, that seems to be growing stronger with every passing month. 

Post Contributor: Aarunikant Sinha

Thursday, 31 October 2013

This Diwali With Love : Give a Customized Gift To Those Who Make You Tick!

It’s that time of the year when everybody is looking to have a ‘blast’!  Now you can either do what you’ve been doing for ages – ring up your contracted halwaii, get him to deliver standard sized packs of sweets, set it up at the office exit, and institute the guard to ensure that everybody gets a nameless box. Or, this year, you can go the Printvenue way!

Whether you are a small tight unit, or a large workforce, a bit of ‘personal touch’ goes a really long way. Starting with what matters the most, you could have the standard mithaii ka dabba into a personal gift, with a bright Diwali greeting card attached to it, each personalized with the name of the individual. While this might be the place to start, the list of personalized things that you could gift this Diwali to add that zing to the lives of the special people around you is quite long. You could personalize mugs, start early with wall calendars for the next year. But if you are artistically inclined, and really want to make a statement, this is what you simply have to go with – exclusive smartphone skin and cardholders especially designed for this festive season gifting!

A word about corporate gifting: Diwali is also the time when you can reach out to the special people who have added value to your business. Printvenue offers a series of options in the high and mid-range that will not just remind your partners and clients that you care, but will ensure that you are always on ‘top-of-the-mind’! We strongly recommend you take a look at our customised diaries/ organisers section to help you visualize how an exclusive Diwali gift from Printvenue will come out. You can also look at our personalized pens section. We strongly recommend the standalone Cross Fusion Black as a pen that works beautifully for a Diwali gift, with the name of the benefactor written in a bold beautiful font of your choice. 

So go right ahead and look up our Customised Diwali Gifts section for bright new gifting ideas for a sparkling Diwali! And if you want a specialist opinion, you may simply call up our customer support @ +91-11-30017676 and spell out your requirement… and leave it to our experts to crack it for you!